Common Home Damages in the Winter

Common Home Damages in the Winter

Posted on 26. Mar, 2014 by in Tips

The winter months can be beautiful with the snow on the ground and on the trees, but with the cold winter often comes damages to the home. There are some damages that are rather common and occur to many homes regardless of whether they are a large brick house or a small mobile home.

Busted Water Pipes
Unless you wrap the pipes under your home, the freezing temperatures could cause them to get cracks and burst. The pipes could also freeze, not allowing water to flow properly. This can be remedied by heating the pipes, but make sure you do it slowly so that you don’t crack the pipe as it heats.

Roof Leaks
If you live in an area with a large amount of snow or precipitation in the winter, then you might experience leaks in the roof, especially around the chimney area. Companies like Pyramid Roofing can examine areas under the roof eaves as well as the areas around skylights for any discoloration that occurs as the result of leaks. An easy area to look for leaks is in the attic. You can look for water stains on the rafters before noticing leaks in other areas of the home. When someone fixes the leaks, the person can also inspect the roof for cracks or missing shingles.

Clogged Gutters
The leaves of fall might serve as a reminder that you need to clean your gutters. When the leaves build up in the gutters, they don’t allow rain and other precipitation to flow. This can back up, causing corrosion and leaks in the gutters. Gutter guards can be installed to keep debris away from openings in the gutter.

Foundation Damage
Cracks in the foundation, especially if it is made of concrete, can be caused by freezing temperatures. If the weather turns from freezing to warm then back to freezing in a short amount of time, then this is cause for concern because the changes can add pressure to the foundation. Hairline cracks aren’t an immediate concern, but they do need to be monitored. If you notice the cracks getting larger, you need to get them filled by a professional. There is also a material that you can purchase at hardware stores to go inside the cracks before they get worse.

Water that leaks between the cracks of the deck can cause premature deterioration of the wood. Examine the deck for any discoloration as this is a sign of water seeping through the cracks and settling under the deck.

Most damage done to the home can be corrected by a professional. However, there are things that you can do through the year to prevent some common damages like frozen pipes or clogged gutters. Take the time to prepare your home in the summer and fall before the cold weather arrives.

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