Doing Your Own Contracting With a Portable Concrete Mixer

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Doing Your Own Contracting With a Portable Concrete MixerDoing your own contracting work may sound intimidating initially, however, actually getting into the work can be quite a bit of fun. If you haven’t spent a lot of time with your hands in the mud, mixing concrete may not be the most appealing project you could choose. On the other hand, imaging a finished product of your own labor might be great motivation for making the sacrifice and putting forth the effort it takes to get the job done.

There are many self-contracting or DIY jobs that require concrete. When working inside the home, updating flooring, or working outside the home, creating a new walkway or yard fixture, concrete is a solid and practical medium. Making sure to mix the concrete properly can make the difference between looking like a pro or creating more work. Having a portable concrete mixer on hand would be a smart option for achieving optimal results.

What is a portable mixer of concrete?
A portable concrete mixer is a barrel attached to a motor which allows it to spin for the process of mixing concrete. It may come standard with legs, or legs may be an attachment feature. Some portable mixers even have a tongue that may be hooked to the back of a vehicle for towing to a different location or for moving it around by hand. It is easy to move around so that concrete for a contracting project may be mixed and poured on the site of the project.

When to use a portable mixer of concrete?
Considering how much concrete will be needed to complete the job will determine if mixing in a bucket is sufficient or if getting a mixer might be more practical. When you don’t need a truck load of concrete for a major contracting project using a portable concrete mixer may just make more sense. This will also relieve the possibility of over purchasing a batch of concrete. Only buy and mix the concrete you will need, by the bag. By doing this you will save both time and expense.

How to choose the right concrete mixer?
Choosing the right mixer means knowing the capacity of the mixer. Be careful to read the machine specifications. While the claimed capacity may account for the size of the barrel, the actual capacity must take into account the weight of wet cement the electric motor on a portable mixer is able to successfully blend without overworking the machine and causing damage. This is important also because the time it takes to blend and pour one batch to the next will affect the curing process and thus the outcome of the finished project.

What type of concrete should you use?
Understanding what type of concrete to use for your project is as important as not taking on too much at one time. Be sure that when mixing each bag of cement they are made with each one at the same consistency. Pay attention to water content and the amount of air in your mixer. There could be quite a problem if one bag is mixed thicker or thinner than the others and the mixes don’t blend well.

You may rent a mixer for a few hours or a few days to complete this one time project. You will find just what you need at your local hardware store. When you go there, don’t be afraid to ask for advice from those who have experience working with concrete. You want to be cost effective, as well as, efficient with your time. Taking the correct steps in the process of completing this small project may prevent you from overspending. Overspending may even eat away at any increased value or equity that could be gained in the end. Remember to plan well and be safe. Most importantly, once your work is completed take time to enjoy it.

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