Fixing Your Heating System

Fixing Your Heating System

Posted on 25. Mar, 2014 by in Tips

Home heating systems repairs can be costly and confusing, but at The Burner-man, Inc we strive to make it as painless and easy a process as it can be. We provide oil heat services for those who buy oil from the discount oil companies, and do not already have a service agreement through their oil provider. We are fully licensed and insured, plus all we do is oil burner repair and upgrades. We’re not there to try and sell you a brand new system. Have you suddenly lost the heat in your home, hear a strange noise, or smell a weird odor, call us up anytime. We provide emergency services and are even available on weekends and holidays.

We also offer annual tune ups and vacuuming. It is important to have your heating system regularly maintained. It may save you a lot of time and money in the future, and prevent the need for emergency services. We will provide annual checkups on your heating system, change filters, nozzles, and completely clean out your boiler with a vacuum. After that we will perform an efficiency test, and lubricate anything that needs to be lubed. You know that it is important to maintain your body by eating healthy and exercising to ensure good health. Well think of this as an exercise plan for your boiler.

Hot water improvement service is offered as well. Some hot water systems have a coil built into the boiler, and when that gets dirty it can fail to provide you with adequate hot water. We have special techniques and tools we use to greatly improve the performance of your boiler. Why replace your boiler, when it can be restored to it’s once former glory.

Our slogan at is super service at super prices, and it is something that we live by. Serving Long Islands Nassau county for more than decade. We have ben in business since 1994. We have seen it all and we can fix it all. With affordable rates starting at $79.00 an hour plus parts and tax. We don’t do full installations, all we do is fix and repair. If we cant fix your problem you don’t have to spend one penny. If additional parts are needed than expected we will always contact you before doing any unexpected repairs.

Please remember for all of your home heating repair and maintenance needs. we will always provide you with nothing but the best quality work, and great low rates. It’s always super service at super prices, and that’s a guarantee.

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