How To Get That Dream House More Than Once

How To Get That Dream House More Than Once

Posted on 28. Oct, 2014 by in home improvement

You’ve saved and waited for years to have your dream house. Now that the dream has come true, don’t you want your residence to reflect your tastes and style? But while you’ve considered residential refurbishment, you have concerns. The cost is a major one, of course. But what if the refurbishment is done in a way that brings down the resale value of the home? What if you can’t recognize your home when remodeling is complete because it’s the contractor’s vision, not yours?

“Green homes” aren’t referencing a residence’s color. Instead it refers to a home that is energy efficient. Social responsibility and money savings are the two big reasons to go green, and this can be achieved while refurbishing your home. Energy conscious upgrades contractors can make include insulation, energy efficient appliances, water conserving bathrooms and kitchens, and doors and windows that keep your home at a comfortable temperature, and stylish to look at.

Individuals often feel that when life circumstances change, their homes must as well, whether they want to go or not. But contractors experienced in residential refurbishment can help transform a home into one that can accommodate its owners’ changing needs. A room’s function can be completely repurposed, for example. One large room can be transformed into multiple ones. An area that seemed only usable for storage can become a guest room or a “cave” for man, woman, or child.

Refurbishment can also add real resale value to a residence. Many buyers purchase homes with the objective not of living in it, but selling it for profit. This practice, known in the real estate industry as “flipping”, is much helped by refurbishing. Any costs the owner incurs are often offset by the home’s increased value and quick sale.

Many homeowners feel that they can both save money and personal style by undertaking DIY refurbishment projects. But professional refurbishment contractors can save considerable money in time and possible property damage. They are licensed and insured, and can often keep refurbishment costs down by purchasing items at cost from vendors. While homeowners should always make changes that reflect their tastes, contractors can help them find ways to make these changes appeal to potential future owners as well. And working with contractors can not only help owners develop a realistic design for their budget, it will help them to stay within that budget as well.

Apollo Interiors LTD. is a design and build refurbishing contractor that believes homeowners can experience living in their dream residence more than once. Their specialists work with clients on all stages of projects from inception to completion. Although they have a broad spectrum of experience, they approach every project as though it is brand new. The result is a home that is beautiful, valuable, and livable.

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