How to Safely Powerwash Vinyl Siding

How to Safely Powerwash Vinyl Siding

Posted on 22. Sep, 2014 by in home improvement

Homes with vinyl siding have a durable, attractive cladding that will stand the test of time in terms of looking good and holding up to whatever the world can throw at it. Rain or shine, wind or snow, vinyl siding endures. That doesn’t mean it won’t get dirty though, which is why it’s a good idea to think about powerwashing vinyl siding on occasion. Before you start though it’s important to make sure the washing is safe as well as strong so that you end up with a clean, fresh house instead of one that needs to have repairs done.


Before you get the pressure washer ready it’s important to prep your home for its deep cleaning. All windows and doors need to be shut, and any exposed electrical outlets should be covered with tape to prevent problems with the washer. In fact, if there are exposed outlets it might be a good idea to install covers so that there’s less of a risk of any weather-related incidents causing problems with your electricity. If the power washing is powerful enough to adversely affect your windows, then you might want to consider turning down the pressure; always follow the recommendations.

Soap And Water

Once you have your pressure washer ready to go the next step is to attach it to an exterior faucet via a garden hose. Make sure there is a recommended amount of soap in the reservoir attached to the pressure washer, and check all of the connections to be sure there’s no kinks in the hose or leaks in the points of attachment. Once everything’s been checked and re-checked position the pressure washer and turn on the washer and the water.

Brush Smoothly and Evenly

Power washing a home is a lot like brushing your teeth writ large. You should begin near the top of the house, and hold the stream at a 45 degree angle relative to the vinyl siding that you’re washing. Take long, even strokes back and forth, and work your way down the wall of the home. Never start at the bottom because the excess dirt and water is going to run down, and you don’t want that dirt getting re-lodged in your vinyl siding.


Once you’ve done the first pass you’ve cleaned some dirt out, and you’ve applied soap to your home. Once you’ve given that solution between five and ten minutes to settle in and start cleaning, the next step is to rinse it off with straight water. This is the part of the pressure washing where the most dirt will come out of the siding, and when you’ve finished rinsing you’ll have a clean, shiny vinyl that will look years younger.


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