Is Your Home Safe? How To Keep Fire And Burglars Away

Is Your Home Safe? How To Keep Fire And Burglars Away

Posted on 21. Jul, 2015 by in home improvement

There is always a sense of security after one installs an alarm system in the house. People tend to believe that the alarm provides full proof security and they have no need to worry anymore. That is a false sense of security. In as much as the alarm is capable of performing this function well, much detail should be focused on the monitoring process. An alarm system should be checked on a regular basis to establish whether it is functioning properly or not. This is to avoid being caught unaware by either a fire or a burglary incident.

Alarms come in two variants, monitored ones and unmonitored ones. The monitored one is whereby you contract a company like to monitor your house 24 hours a day and alert the police in case of any incident. The unmonitored on operates in such away it has sirens to notify neighbors when an incident of fire or burglary occurs. Both alarms are okay but what if the neighbors are not around? You will be swept off your valuables by a burglar or a fire may consume the whole house.

Therefore, in ensuring that your home is safe you should ensure that the locks on the doors and windows are okay. If they are not strong enough, they should be replaced. The thickness of glass on your windows should be increased and the glass supported with a metal grill. This can ensure that a burglar does not have it easy accessing your house. It can also increase the chances of police catching up with the burglar. Therefore, a simple thing like keeping your doors and windows locked with well functioning locks can play a major role in ensuring that you house is safe.

When it comes to fire, there are things that can be done to avoid a fire break out. First ensure that the sockets are switched off and no electrical appliances are left on be when you go to bed. Secondly is that, the children should never be left unattended in the kitchen alone. They may not know how to use gas or electrical heaters used to cook. A simple mistake can cause fire and damage the whole house.

Whichever alarm monitoring system you use, you should ensure the company that you contract has a direct telephone line to a police post near your house. This is to reduce the time police can take to reach your house. Finally, it is good to have a monitored alarm for it is easy to know if it is functioning.

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