Keeping Your Home Comfortable Without Skyrocketing Your Bills

Posted on 24. Sep, 2013 by in conditioning

I’m not sure about you, but having my home the perfect temperature is very important to me. Currently, I live in a condo that’s on the top floor of my complex. This has its ups and downs as you might well imagine. I love my vaulted ceilings that help to make my condo feel larger, but being on the top floor can get rather hot in the summertime.

Keeping Your Home Comfortable Without Skyrocketing Your BillsDepending on where you live, chances are you will likely be experiencing warmer weather in the summer so it is important to prepare your house for summer. You don’t want to find yourself in the dead heat of summer basically burning to death in your home because you weren’t prepared. Like with everything, preparation can make the world of difference. First, tune up your air conditioner. It is important to get your air conditioning unit professionally tuned up at least once a year. This helps to make sure everything is running smoothly and energy is being used efficiently. If your air conditioning unit is working most efficiently, it won’t skyrocket your bills. I noticed however, the more I have my AC on the higher my utility bill, so I’ve implemented by using fans as well during the day when I’m not home. I have a few small fans in my bedroom, and also have our ceiling fan in the family room on all the time. This uses minimal energy. Then I usually only run the AC for an hour or two at night as need before we go to bed so we are comfortable while we sleep. What about during the winter months? I know that I personally turn the heat on for a little bit right when I wake up in the morning so it’s nice and warm while I get ready for work, and also for a bit once I get home from work because my home has cooled down during the day while I have been away. By limiting the time I have my heat on, I can keep my utility costs relatively low.

Another advantage I have is being on the top floor. Heat rises, so I am able to keep my condo relatively warm simply on the family’s heat rising below me. Another useful thing to do to keep your family warm in the chilly winter months is to buy a space heater. This is nice if you don’t have central heat, or if you simply want to keep a smaller area warm. I have a space heater in my bedroom and it is lovely for when I am trying to fall asleep. I shut my bedroom door, and the space heater quickly and efficiently heats up my room nicely.

Another added benefit of the space heater is that it doesn’t use much electricity so it helps to keep your utility costs down rather than running your central heat all the time. Downriver Heating and Cooling can help if you need any heating or cooling system in your home serviced so it works well and efficiently. Keep in mind these few simple ways to help keep your home comfortable without skyrocketing your bills.



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