Most Underutilized Home Renovations

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Most Underutilized Home RenovationsWhether you areĀ  or simply expand for a growing family, there are many places you can begin working to increase the living space inside your house. One of the biggest benefits to these types of renovations is that when it comes time to eventually sell the house you will have increased the value significantly. here are a few underutilized areas in the home that make the perfect location for a home renovation.

Homeowners who with basements have a tremendous amount of unused space that can really double the living space in many conditions. Many ranch style homes often have a basement that is the same size as the living space upstairs. This means you basically have unlimited amount of options available to you. Your local general contractors Jackson MS professionals can show you how to create additional bedrooms, a game room, a gym, or even a room for a small business. The key to getting the most from all that basement space is allowing the contractor to design a floor plan that utilizes every possible inch of space. The right design can add closets to bedrooms, utilize the area under the stairs, as well as bringing down the drop down ceilings to completely transform the rooms.

One other area of the home that is a perfect candidate for renovations is the attic. This underutilized area is often a place where homeowners hide their holiday decorations each year, but in many cases the space in the attic is significant. The general contractors Jackson MS specialists can analyze the area and see exactly how much space there is to work with. In some cases you could transform that area into another room. The reason it is so important to work with a professional contractor is they will be able to determine which option is structurally safe for your home. If the supports are strong enough, there is no reason that space couldn’t be used for storage or more living space.

Closets are another underutilized area of the home. In many cases the location can be expanded to hold double if not triple the about of items currently being stored in there. Depending on the location of the closet, there might be unused space around it that will allow a contractor to take down a wall and in some cases double the size quickly. In cases of a kitchen closet being too small, if the back wall is up against a garage, the contractor can open the back wall and increase the size by taking a few feet from the garage. This means that the small closet now becomes a walk in closet with room for all the pots, pans, accessories, and supplies you could possibly want in your kitchen.

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