Safety around Garage Doors

Safety around Garage Doors

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United States agency studies show that every year, there are roughly thirty thousand injuries related to garage doors and garage door opening systems. Between the years 1974 and 1995 garage doors accounted for eighty five children dying or suffering from brain trauma resulting in permanent brain damage.

Ever since 1991 garage door sensors for automatic retraction have been mandated and regulated by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission or CPSC. Dubbed the Consumer Product Safety Act, the CPSC required that all garage doors and garage door systems, i.e. Garage door openers, conform to the Act for products manufactured in 1991 and later. In addition, the Act referenced the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) voluntary standard which was published in 1988 for the very same reason.

Both the CPSC and UL agreed and incorporated into the 1990 Act the following:

• Garage door opening systems must be equipped with a reversing mechanism that stops downward motion after a minimum of two seconds of contact of an object placed in on the floor in the door’s path
• Garage door opening systems must reopen within thirty seconds if the opening system has sensed that the door did not shut completely or fully.
• If the garage door operating controller is depressed again and the door is moving in the downward direction the door must reverse itself.
• Finally, garage door opening systems must have a manual detachment mechanism.

In 1992 UL revised its 1988 standard to include the employment of photoelectric sensors and edge sensors. The CSPC incorporated these requirements into the new federal standards for garage door opening systems for all mechanisms manufactured 1993 and later.

Both the CPSC and UL recommend testing of garage sensors and garage door opening systems a minimum of once per month. If any flaws or defects are found, it is recommended that the system is taken out of service immediately. The system should not be placed back into service until a qualified person has corrected them defect. Common causes for system breakdowns and resolutions to the issues are as follows:

Problem – The garage door in a downward motion does not reverse when the photoelectric sensor beam is broken.

Remedy – Adjust photoelectric sensors or have a qualified technician perform garage sensor repair.

Problem – The garage door in a downward motion does not reverse when pressure on the opening system is sensed.

Remedy – Adjust pressure sensors or have a qualified technician perform garage sensor repair.

Do not allow your family and loved ones to become a statistic. Please make sure you test your garage door opening system at least monthly. Make sure that all components of your system are operating properly and if not, have a qualified person perform garage sensor repair for your system immediately.

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