Steps to Designing your Dream Home

Posted on 14. Feb, 2014 by in home improvement

Steps to Designing your Dream HomeWhether this is your first home or your fifth home or if you have ten children, two, or not even one child; you can custom build your own home. The deciding factor for most people is that they would rather have a vision of what their home should look like rather than picking from a select few houses. There are steps to make this happen, and it may take a while before it is completed but definitely worth the wait. You have to decide on a location, start and finish the design, pre-build, and then the construction begins.

The location is important because you should pick some land that is in a good area close to everything you do on a daily or weekly basis. It is also important to pick the right size lot. When you start looking at different sizes, this is where the design process comes into play. You may have already thought about building your own home. If you have not, then you may start drawing a rough sketch on everything you want your dream home to look like inside and out. The lot size also plays a part in whether or not you decide to have a pool because they take up a lot of space. You also have to decide whether or not you want a circular driveway. The great thing about having your home built is that you can choose if you want two, three, or even a four story house. Other factors include having a basement or an attic. Plus you have to decide on the amount of rooms you want as well as whether you want brick or stone for the outside of the home.

The next step is the pre-build phase. When you have arrived to these steps, you need to hire Edina custom home builders so your dream home can become a reality. After looking at your design at your consultation they will pre-build your home for you meaning that will design a small model for you to look at. They want to make sure that they did not leave one detail out. Once it is finished, this is your chance to see if it is exactly like the home you have envisioned. You will be able to speak up and let them know if something needs to be taken out or added. It may look like your designs, but it might not look as good as you thought it would since you are seeing an exact replica.

Once any changes have been made, the builders can start the construction phase. This is very realistic and you may not be able to make any changes at this phase. Now that all your hard work is done you can now watch your plan come into action. They will let you know how long it will take and if they need anything else from you at this time.

By following these simple steps, you are on your way to have your custom home built to your satisfaction. It is incredible how you look at your finished home and think to yourself that was just on paper and you were a big part in making your dream home become a life changing reality.

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