TV, and Internet, and Phone! Oh My!

TV, and Internet, and Phone! Oh My!

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Flipping through your cable channels and finding nothing you feel like watching? Don’t you wish that you had more channels? This probably means it is time for a new provider. The problem with “shopping” for bundle deals is that there are so many choices it can be overwhelming. There is satellite and cable and Verizon and Windstream and DirecTV… heads are spinning just reading the short list. Make sure to compare coverage and availability in your area between providers; some are better than others when it comes to rural vs suburban/metro areas. Talk to friends and neighbors, see who they have, and what they like/dislike about their service. The more input, the more informed the decision.

After choosing a provider, the next decision is whether or not to “bundle” Why bundle? It can usually provide mucho savings, free swag/promotional offers (gift cards, etc.) and you can usually finagle better channels or internet speeds by choosing certain packages.

Through a partnership with Windstream and Dish, there are Windstream bundles, with channels ranging from 190 to over 320! Windstream is available to customers in the Midwest and on the East Coast. Like any provider, there are TV, internet, home phone, and online security bundles that are available to choose from.

There are four TV bundles in total: America’s Top 120, Top 200, Top 250, and America’s “Everything” Pack. The last three packages are eligible for bundle discounts!

The internet Windstream Bundles allow residential customers to choose between 2Mbps and 24Mbps, which would allow you to stream more movies, someone to surf the web, and allow the kids to play video games without dampening your speeds. This sounds like an amazing combination to me!

According to their website,, TV and internet bundles start at ~$60/month

To help tempt you to have a home phone again, Windstream offers an unlimited phone plan with lifetime price guarantee. With a guarantee that your prices wont change, who wouldn’t be able to find time to call Nana in California?

Last, but not least, the online security for residential customers (with high-speed internet purchase), provides them with identity theft protection, data backup (so you never lose those photos of the baby or your sister’s bachelorette party), 24/7 technical support (for those burning the midnight oil that run into technical issues), and a PC repair/replacement plan!

These bundles are offered in combinations that can suit anyone’s needs. More information on pricing and availability can be found at

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